CryptoPoofs Whitepaper




CryptoPoofs is an NFT project with a strong focus on storytelling, aiming to create an ecosystem with utility in the digital metaverse and “in real life” (IRL) space. This project is inspired by science, space, discovery and the mysteries of the unknown.


This project nods its head to science, pop culture and the NFT ecosystem. CryptoPoofs were given their name based on the idea that like many core principles of quantum mechanics, reality is never quite as it seems on the surface. While exploring new frontiers and expanding upon what’s possible, new things tend to Poof into existence along the way. This is chapter one of our story.


For this whitepaper, NFTs available at project launch will be referred to as the “Genesis Collection”.

Technical Details

The Genesis Collection was created using a combination of 09 traits, with details available for review on our About Page. There are a total of 3,141 unique CryptoPoofs, a number chosen with inspiration from Pi  π. Throughout the project, there are a number of other Easter Eggs with nods to science and physics. If you’d like to learn more about Pi  π, visit the Wiki Page.


Each CryptoPoof also contains a unique 1:1 trait, referred to as the “Quantum Particle”. This is represented as a metadata value for each NFT and is a HEX value. This trait is not visible in the artwork. With this trait embedded into the NFT, you can truly own a piece of science, with the knowledge that the metadata values were scientifically generated using true quantum random number generation in collaboration with The Australian National University (ANU). Details for how this process is verified are in the details section of this whitepaper.


Each CryptoPoof minted from the Genesis Collection has been created using current compatibility standards for Web3, and immediately following the project launch we will kick off integrations on major platforms, beginning with Worldwide Webb | The original Web3 MMORPG and more to follow.


Our core beliefs are centered around building a positive engaged community focused on decentralization, crypto, and exploring the metaverse.


We believe this is the future and we’re driven to develop this ecosystem that will bring utility in digital and IRL spaces, form partnerships with diverse blue-chip NFT communities, and continue creative experimentation with notable figures in the scientific community and decentralized digital space.


We like to see ourselves as crypto cosmic explorers, building value and exploring the infinite mysteries of the universe, metaverse, and decentralized future.

Long-term Project Goals

Our long-term goal is to build a thriving community, build cross-community partnerships, and become a top-tier project for playable characters in Web3 game environments. We aim to develop strong interactive storytelling experiences and follow-up collections on Polygon to expand on that story.



The Genesis Collection of CryptoPoofs was designed using an 8-bit pixel style, a colorful neon color palette, and an homage to pop culture & science.

The art is heavily influenced by science, basic geometric shapes, more conceptually by objects such as tesseracts, spatial anomalies, the ROYGBIV electromagnetic spectrum of visible light and lesser understood categories like Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). These influencing factors informed the final RGB color palette and art direction.

Quantum Particles

A 1:1 Quantum Particle trait exists as a metadata trait for each NFT, but will not be visible in the NFT art for the Genesis Collection. This trait will influence future art direction in mysterious ways.

Legendary CryptoPoofs

The Genesis Collection contains 17 legendary CryptoPoofs, inspired by the 17 elementary particles known to exist in the Standard Model of Particle Physics. These 17 are designed by hand, and will contain 1:1 traits. Additionally, there will be 2 founders edition 1:1’s.



Networks: Polygon
Smart Contract: TBD

Quantum Randomness

The 1:1 “Quantum Particle” trait, represented as HEX values, was generated using actual quantum random number generation in collaboration with The Australian National University (ANU).


These numbers were generated in real-time in an ANU lab using lasers to measure vacuum fluctuations. The technical details on how this is done can be found in ANU publications.


CryptoPoofs is an innovative NFT project, aiming to be a “first” in many conceptual areas, such as how we’ve integrated quantum randomness into the Genesis Collection. 


We’re committed to many things, but some special notes include:


  • Opportunities for science, space, and new discovery to influence our future vision map.
  • Opportunities to partner with blue-chip NFT communities and notable figures in science.
  • Expanding our presence into the Metaverse. We’re planning for the Genesis Collection NFTs to be “Metaverse ready” on day one, with final integrations going live following platform approvals.