What is a CryptoPoof?

If there ever was a beginning we’ll start there, as the CryptoPoofs had always been fascinated by the concept of time. As a conscious collective of massless particle beings whose existence began during the first few yoctoseconds following the big bang, they had never truly experienced the passage of time in the same way that other beings did. For them, everything just “was”, and there was no sense of past or future.


But as they explored the vast expanse of the universe, they began to realize that time was a fundamental part of the fabric of reality. They saw how it affected everything from the smallest subatomic particles to the grandest celestial bodies, and they knew that they needed to find a way to experience it for themselves.


And so, a group of brave CryptoPoofs decided to take matters into their own hands and solve the problem of time. They knew that the key would lay in harnessing the power of the quantum state, a mysterious force that existed at the heart of the universe. Once harnessed, the power of the quantum state could be used to unlock powerful cosmic portals, allowing them to travel without limits and transform between forms of light and physical being. 


Working tirelessly, the CryptoPoofs studied the quantum state, experimenting with different ways to harness its power, and ultimately succeeding in their goals to manipulate the quantum state. They explored countless mirror universes, branching off in every direction and experiencing all that the universe had to offer.


As they traveled, they discovered that they could save every physical experience using the power of the quantum state. They recorded every sensation, every emotion, every thought, every outcome, and every moment, preserving them forever in the vibrating waves of their collective consciousness.


And now, as they prepare to open a portal to the world of earth, they are filled with excitement and wonder. They know that this will be a journey unlike any they have taken before. Countdown to their arrival is imminent.

Project Details

Their portal to earth is opening soon, and for the portal to open (Start Minting) our team will be utilizing principles of quantum randomness to generate a random data set that will split the fabric of our universe (or at least write the data to the blockchain), allowing the CryptoPoofs to enter our spacetime continuum.

By minting a CryptoPoof you’ll be getting a lot more than just a really cool NFT, you’ll also own:

— a unique piece of science

— a quantum particle, in the form of a 1:1 HEX value trait, generated using quantum random processes

— an avatar playable in Web3 gaming environments

— access to upcoming NFT airdrops

— a holder pass focused on delivering ongoing value and utility with more NFTs, drops, fun events, collabs, Web3 integrations, and utility for holders

Artwork Preview

Traits and Quantum Particles

Each CryptoPoof has 09 traits with varying rarity, eight of which are visible and the ninth being the “Quantum Particle”.

The “Quantum Particle” trait is in the form of a HEX value. This trait is not visible in the artwork but will influence future art direction in mysterious ways. More information can be found in our Whitepaper, including the methods used to generate verifiably random quantum data.


They’re a conscious collective of massless particle beings, with the ability to travel between forms of light and physical being.


CryptoPoofs is an NFT project with a total supply of 3,141. We’re aiming to create an ecosystem with utility in the digital metaverse and IRL space.


This project is inspired by science, space, discovery and the mysteries of the unknown.

Our core beliefs are centered around building a positive engaged community, focused on decentralization, crypto and piloting our project into the Metaverse.


We believe this is the future and we’re driven to develop this ecosystem that will bring utility in the digital and IRL space and form partnerships with other diverse blue-chip communities. This project nods its head to science, pop culture and the NFT space.


We like to see ourselves as crypto cosmic explorers, building value and exploring the infinite mysteries of the universe, Metaverse and decentralized future.

Vision map is in progress & TBD.

On project sell out, our eyes are set to purchase digital land, kick-off Web3 avatar integrations, reveal more about the 3D city and bring the CryptoPoofs experience to life in a variety of Metaverses.

The ongoing value & utility of the CryptoPoofs will come in both digital tools and other forms.

Dates and details:

— Price: TBD

— Whitelist Coming Soon – Be sure to join our Discord. Those with the pre-flight user role in discord will be eligible for an airdrop. 


Each CryptoPoof costs TBD

Besides space? The United States, and we have international partnerships.

If you’d like to contact us to ask a question or inquire about partnerships, you can reach us on Twitter.

Our Team