What Makes Us Unique?

We’re not like the 99% of projects out there. We’re here for the long haul, we care and are passionate about technology, science, and Web3 and are dedicating ourselves to this project.


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The Genesis Collection of CryptoPoofs was designed using an 8-bit pixel style, colorful neon color pallete, and homage to pop culture & science. It’s also inspired by retro video games which will lend itself perfectly to Metaverse integration. 

By incorporating quantum randomness into the DNA of each CryptoPoof as an embedded 1:1 trait, you’ll not only own a unique piece of art but also a piece of science.


Science will always play a pivotal role in the project roadmap.

Each CryptoPoof has been created with Web3 compatibility standards in mind, meaning that immediately following project launch we’ll begin integrations for major platforms. We’ll likely begin with Worldwide Webb, with more to follow. Simply put, your NFT is good to go.

Our founding team brings over 30 years combined professional experience in the digital space as well as a diverse background as enthusiast digital users and creators.

The Value of Minting a CryptoPoof.

By minting a CryptoPoof you’ll be getting a lot more than just a really cool NFT, you’ll also own:


— a unique piece of science
— a quantum particle, in the form of a 1:1 HEX value trait, generated using quantum random processes
— an avatar playable in Web3 gaming environments
— access to upcoming NFT airdrops
— a holder pass focused on delivering ongoing value and utility with more NFTs, drops, fun events, collabs, Web3 integrations, and utility for holders

For more information about our CryptoPoofs project and the technical details of the quantum randomness we’re using as well as our university partnership please click here (View Whitepaper) or the icon to the right.